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PostSubject: Read This First   Read This First I_icon_minitime13/6/2011, 4:54 pm

Welcome to the web forum that will hopefully eventually give London's punk scene some kind of fighting chance against the ever so rapidly growing 'bro' culture within our city.

There are a few things that everyone should read before posting, so that I don't receive a million complaints about the same things;

1. This is a BETA forum. I'm running it off of a free server with my limited google-attained knowledge on web design. If this forum kicks off successfully enough to consider putting more time into it, I may at some point pay for a real domain name and purchase some software that makes the forum look a little prettier, and run a lot smoother than it does now. Until then, this is what we have to work with. Please be patient with the website, maybe one day it'll be worth telling your friends about.

2. Unity, unity, unity. Basically, don't be mean. I really truly don't care how much of a vendetta person 1 has against person 2, on this forum you will be civil to each other. It's the internet and you are not forced to talk to each other, at the worst you can ignore the person within the topics. Our scene is far too small to be divided by stupid feuds.

3. On the note of number 2, if you are mean you will be crucified for your sins, you'll probably have your post taken down and get a little email form the big bad Admin explaining that you shouldn't act in such a way and please never do it again. If a person is using blatant sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise hateful remarks they will be banned. You're warned once, don't expect to be given another chance.

4. This is the internet. Regardless of how much you trust the other members on this forum outsiders can still view the inside topics without signing up, as well as people that sign up are passed into the forum without verification. I'm not pointing any fingers but always remember that the farmer may have left his pig pen open over night, and you never know where they could turn up. With that in mind, please be careful of what you as to not get yourself or your fcpr family in trouble. If there are any concerns about anything written on the forum please get in contact with me as soon as possible and I'll be sure to take it down or edit the post.

5. This is to an extent a community run forum. I don't expect anyone else to do work, but if you would like to help out tell me. I will give anyone special ADMIN POWERS that I trust to not frak the message board up completely. Gaining my trust is very easy, as long as you display minimal intelligence you're in the clear.

That's about all I can think of for now. HAVE FUN. <3
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Read This First
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